Mystery Science Theater 3000

Village Of The Giants. Episode 23

Bert I. Gordon, the rainmaker of MST3K fodder, aimed high with this loose adaptation of H. G. Wells’ book The Food Of The Gods And How It Came To Earth, which is why it fell so hard. It’s 1965. Teens and adults aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye to begin with. Ron Howard — you heard it right — plays “Genius, ” inventor of a goo that causes animals to grow too many times their natural size. When some rebellious teenagers led by Beau Bridges steal and consume his concoction, they take over the town, and the generation gap takes a turn for the worse. Not to worry, though — Mike, Tom and Crow bring them down to size with a barrage of funny riffs for our viewing pleasure.

First aired: Saturday 22nd of January 1994
Year: 1994