Mystery Science Theater 3000

Bride of the Monster. Episode 23

Horror cinema (especially bad horror cinema) icons Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson star in this Ed Wood classic as the crazed Dr. Vornoff and his beastly assistant Lobo, who conduct heinous experiments on human victims in an effort to create a race of atomic superbeings. Do robots made of scrap parts aboard an orbiting satellite dream of electric sheep? Can Joel and the ’bots carry a tune? Who doesn’t love cold tater tots and olive loaf? Find out these answers and more in the “very special” episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that pays tribute to one of Ed Wood’s best bad movies ever! After all, no Ed Wood film would truly be complete without the biting yet loving riffs of your Satellite of Love crew!

First aired: Saturday 23rd of January 1993
Year: 1993