Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Pumaman. Episode 3

If ever “be careful what you wish for” applied to a highly fan-requested episode, it’s The Pumaman. How could Marvel have missed this character? Where is the J. J. Abrams remake? This little 1980 sci-fi miracle follows the discovery by a young paleontologist that he is actually a flying man-god, endowed with the powers of a puma. Never mind that pumas don’t generally fly, just go with it. Our hero is the latest in a line of Pumamen, descended from aliens and destined to protect a really important mask. As happens to all powerful, mind-controlling masks, it eventually falls into the hands of Donald Pleasence. But first he must eliminate its guardian. The good news? Our guardians, Mike and the bots, are not only on watch but on fire. Their relentless riffs may not control our minds, but they definitely control our funny bones.

First aired: Saturday 4th of April 1998
Year: 1998